Saturday, August 11, 2007

Archival students ahead, making my way in the archival profession

In a few weeks, I will finally start my program in archival and library studies. I'm certainly looking forward to it more and more these days. I'm really looking forward to my archives classes and seeing what kind of people my fellow archival students will be.

I think that archival work could really be satisfying for me if I could straddle the line between archivist and academic. I want to provide good service at wherever I am eventually employed, but I also want to research and publish in journals like Archivaria, the journal of the Canadian Association of Archivists. I very much want to present at archival conferences as well.

On the matter of tuition, there is something that I would like to comment on. The cost of tuition at my program is equivalent to the cost of law school in Canada's western provinces. Interesting to consider, eh?

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