Saturday, June 28, 2008


The post on the public service articles is still in progress, hopefully I can finish it off this weekend. A few days ago, some emails came in at my work account and it looks like a) there will be some fun events coming up and b) I might have a mentor to talk to. It is distressing to think that my day-to-day work tasks at the Small Religious Archive last summer were actually much more stimulating than my present job. I am basically a clerk, who uses a computer all day. I can almost feel my skills losing their edge...

That said, it is going to be great to talk to somebody who is interested in talking to me about professional concerns. This job has made the Accidental Archivist contemplate switch to a different career. Maybe there is hope yet on this path. Other people I know working the library/archives/information sector this summer in Ottawa have more interesting work, so maybe there is hope still.

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dkemper said...

For what it's worth: Do pay attention to the feeling that your skills are losing their edge. Don't wait any longer! Trust your gut! Ask around, seek serious guidance, and make some moves to 1) preserve your skills and 2) develop your skills.