Monday, September 15, 2008

The Joys of a Colloborative Environment

I am tremendously enjoying my studies this year - there is such excitement in the air, so many new projects in progress. In addition to my stimulating courses, I also have a research project underway with a fellow student and I am in the progress of developing a podcast series. I am especially interested in the latter; Canadian universities (Canada, generally actually) have been sadly slow in getting into podcasting... I am reminded of the old adage about Canadian stars; we wouldn't accept you unless you make it big in America first. It seems like something like that might be true for the information services sector when it comes to technology; budget problems and a culture of risk aversion often put the brakes on innovation.

That all said, I'm pleased at the progress of both my own projects and some of the great things that other people are starting up.

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