Sunday, November 23, 2008

Library and Archives Canada's new survey

Library and Archives Canada has launched a new survey to help them design their future programs. I've already completed the survey but I wanted to blog about it as well

The survey indicates that LAC is looking at creating programs on: Canada's Prime Ministers; Canadian film, music and broadcast shows; Canada's Constitution and founding documents, an exhibition on Sir Winston Churchill, the Rocky Mountains. Further, I like the range of programming experiences that LAC is considering - workshops, lectures, Web content and the like. During the summer, I had the chance to see two exhibits (one on Anne of Green Gables and the other on the Treaty of Paris) which I very much enjoyed.

Of the broad topics described above, I would like to see them all happen though I admit I'm not sure what an exhibit on the Rocky Mountains would be like. It is not a region of the country that I know very well, so it could be enlightening.

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