Monday, January 5, 2009

The Recession

I haven't written here about the recession yet, even though it hit the US in December 2007 and Canada sometime later. Thus far, it hasn't affected me or anyone I know professionally in anyway. While I certainly don't expect this blessed isolation from economic forces to last much longer (I will be graduating this year...), that may not continue.

I've recently come across several newspaper articles (e.g. a recent Boston Globe article) and blog postings about the positive role that libraries can play in the current economic climate. For example, a typical bit of thrift advice encourages people to use their public library for entertainment rather than going out to movies or buying books or music. I think libraries have a great role to play at all times, but especially when people are in need of some support.

Can archives make any kind of economic case like this though? I've never seen any argument that pointed to the economic value of archives. I wonder if somebody out there has made that point.

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