Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A good day at LAC: good presentations and swag

It was a good day at LAC today. I finally met people from different parts of the organization, which was quite illuminating. There were different presentations and the staff presenting kindly took questions. Though I was curious to ask quite a few questions, I restrained myself. Most of the other students at the event were very quiet.

What did I learn at the event? For example, there was an interesting presentation about the institution's Mass Digitization Program which has much potential. There was also some good indications about LAC becoming more responsive to the views of Canadians. I wonder about the mechanism of that though. How does a big federal institution interact with the general public? I don't want to suggest that it can't happen, but I do wonder about how that can happen. There are also a number of promising departments that I wouldn't mind working in at some point should the opportunity come up.

To top it all off, there was also some LAC swag. I got some stationary, pens, and a nice black shoulder bag. I really like library, archive and museum swag. Getting it for free was a nice plus, which I appreciate.

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