Sunday, October 5, 2008

Podcasting, Globe and Mail Tour

It has been a busy few days for me. On Friday, I had the opportunity to meet the information professionals who staff the Editorial Research department (i.e. special library) of the Globe & Mail newspaper. It was a pleasant experience and interesting to see how this special library supports the organization's activities. I was mildly to surprise to learn that the department has an evening staff of students, but I probably shouldn't be given how the news business works.

I'm also making steady progress in publishing my first podcast. On Friday, I recorded the lecture and I've also put together some basic RSS to describe it. It is so invigorating to learn a new technology like this. I also very much enjoy the prospect of sharing content through podcasting technology. I hope this project will be continued by others when I graduate.


Russell James, CA said...

What podcasting software are you using? I've thought about this for some of my classes, but have never ventured too far into it.

Accidental Archivist said...

It is a combination of items. I used a portable Sony recorder to record the lecture itself. Then I used a freeware program to convert to MP3. I've learned some RSS as well to get it ready.

In terms of production, I'm thinking to try Audacity and Levelator. Audacity is a general audio editor which is free. Levelator evens out volume levels.